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What's New This Week At An Affair With Trains!

HO Mini-Metals 1960 Ford F-100 Pickup MSRP $17.00
Pennsylvania New York Central Union Pacific
Santa Fe Milwaukee Road

HO Mini-Metals 1960 Ford F-500 Box Truck MSRP $19.75
Borden's US Maill Iron City Beer

HO Mini-Metals MSRP $19.75 HO Mini-Metals MSRP $19.75 HO Mini-Metals MSRP $17.00
1960 Ford F-500 Stakebed
84 Lumber
1950's International Harvester Metro
US Maill
1955 Ford Mainline Sedan
Hy-Rail Inspection Car

HO Walthers Mainline 50' ACF Exterior-Post Boxcar MSRP $24.98  AAWT $21.25*

N Atlas SD60M w/DCC MSRP $169.95  AAWT $144.50* N Atlas RSD-4/5 MSRP $119.95  AAWT $101.98*

N Atlas 89' Intermodal Flatcar MSRP $26.95  AAWT $16.95*

N Kato Industrial Building Kit MSRP $34.00  AAWT $24.00* N Kato 2258 Seaver Lane B/U MSRP $30.00  AAWT $22.00*

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